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Who can play in the Endurance Girls Lacrosse program?
We welcome girls in Kindergarten through 12th grade who live in and around the Oklahoma City metro area.  No experience is required.

What equipment is needed?
Goggles (must meet the ASTM Specification Standards) CLCK HERE TO FIND LIST OF US LACROSSE APPROVED GOGGLES
Mouth guard – must be a visible color (no clear or white allowed)
Girl’s Lacrosse Stick
Tennis shoes or cleats
NO jewelry is allowed at any time during practice or games.

When is lacrosse season?
Spring is the regular season for girls lacrosse.  Practices usually begin in mid-January for High School and February for Youth.  Teams practice 2-3 times per week. Endurance is part of the Heartland Lacrosse League (HLL).  The HLL game season usually starts at the beginning of March and goes through the first week in May.  Games are held in Edmond, Tulsa, Jenks.  We also travel to Bentonville & Little Rock AR as schedule dictates.

Endurance also hosts a Fall Fun Season which starts in September and goes thru early Nov.  Usually this consists of Sunday afternoon fun days where we have practices and scrimmages to refine skills of experienced players and introduce lacrosse concepts to beginners.  There are also optional tournaments for interested players.

Is Girls Lacrosse the same as Boys Lacrosse?
Girls and Boys Lacrosse differs in the following ways:
1. Positions--One of the first major differences between boys and girls lacrosse is the field layout and positions.
In girls lacrosse there are 12 people on the field at a time. The goalie, 3 offense, 5 midfielders, and 3 defenders. This is true for High School girls in Endurance; however, the younger age groups play a smaller number of players on field at one time based on league standards. In boys lacrosse there are 10 people on the field at a time. The goalie, 3 defensemen, 3 midfielders, and 3 attackmen.

2. Contact Rules--In boys lacrosse body contact is allowed from shoulders to waist when the player has the ball. This differs from girls lacrosse where the only contact allowed occurs if the player has the ball, and their stick is below their shoulder. You are then allowed to hit their stick with yours.

3. Safety Equipment--Because of different contact rules in boys and girls lacrosse, the required equipment is also different.  Girls must have a mouth guard and goggles, while boys require a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, rib pads, gloves, and a mouth guard.

4. Sticks--Boys and girls lacrosse sticks differ greatly from one another. They are generally the same length, but the pockets (where the ball sits) are very different. In boys lacrosse there is a very large pocket, making it easier to catch the ball, but there is contact. In girls lacrosse there is a very small pocket that requires a lot of cradling to keep the ball in.

Does my daughter have to come to every practice and game?
 We understand that girls have a life outside of lacrosse and that there will be schedule conflicts from time to time; however, we expect that players strive to attend all practices and games. Please coordinate absences with your coach. 

Endurance Girls Lacrosse

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